2019: UN Year of the Periodic Table


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150 years ago, Russian chemist Dmitry Mendeleev created the periodic table of elements. In remembrance of this and to emphasize the importance of basic chemical research and the periodic table, the UN declared 2019 the year of the periodic table.

The periodic table reveals the connection between the atomic structure of the chemical elements and their properties. It explains their bonding behavior, reveals the structure of their atomic shell and even allows conclusions about how unidentified elements might be. To this day, the periodic table is the most important guide to chemistry - and there are still plenty of surprises in store.

News on the topic

First superconductor made of nickel oxide (29.08.2019)
Exotic nickel compound could indicate a whole new class of superconductors

High pressure creates "impossible" crystals (01.07.2019)
Beryllium goes under high pressure six instead of the normal four bindings an indication

Superconducting magnet breaks record (14.06.2019)
Cuprat magnet reaches sustained field strengths of more than 45 Tesla

New temperature record for superconductors (23.05.2019)
Lossless power line at minus 23 degrees makes room temperature superconductor approach

A quarter of all materials are "exotic" (05.03.2019)
Fabrics with topological properties are much more common than previously thought

Batteries: Will sodium be the new lithium? (04.02.2019)
New sodium compound could make sodium-ion batteries more efficient

The oldest periodic table of the world discovered (22.01.2019)
Lehrstab from 1885 shows early version of the basic chemical system

New definition of electronegativity (21.01.2019)
Researchers are developing a new scale of electron attraction for the periodic table of the elements

Calcium and Co astonish chemists (04.09.2018)
Alkaline earth metals violate the octet rule of the main group elements

Ytterbium as quantum amplifier? (07.24.2018)
Rare earth metal could be used as a signal amplifier and memory in quantum networks

Periodic table loses potential superconductors (18.04.2018)
Suitability as a high-temperature superconductor can be read by elementary electron distribution

Element 118 is an exotic (08.02.2018)
In Oganesson, the electrons and even parts of the nucleus form a diffused gas

Chemistry: Surprise in the rare earth crystal (24.08.2017)
Tiny impurities can alter the entire crystal structure

"Impossible" helium connection generated (07.02.2017)
Sodium and helium form a salt-like crystal under high pressure

Physicists turn hydrogen into metal (30.01.2017)
High-pressure experiment could have produced the atomic state of the element for the first time

Our tops and flops 2016 (23.12.2016)
What were the science highlights of the year and what were the setbacks?

Atomic structure revealed by Nobelium (04.10.2016)
First look at electronical conditions in the super heavy element

Elements 113, 115, 117 and 118 get their names (09.06.2016)
Official designation for four newly discovered elements of the periodic table

Chemists "outsmart" highly reactive metal (07.06.2016)
Researchers are creating the first metal complex with an elemental alkaline earth metal in the center

Transuran Curium is a natural element (07.03.2016)
So far considered purely artificial element occurred in the primeval cloud of the solar system

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