Alfred Nobel

Dynamite inventor and father of Nobel prizes

During his lifetime, Alfred Nobel was known as the inventor of dynamite. But he became world famous with the opening of his will. Fergregory / thinkstock / public domain
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Today, it is known above all as the namesake of the most famous science award. But Alfred Nobel was already known during his lifetime: as the inventor of dynamite. 150 years ago, the Swedish chemist received the patent for the explosive explosive. His invention should be a blessing and a curse at the same time.

After years of experimentation, Alfred Nobel makes the discovery of his life in 1867: he invents dynamite. For the first time he has developed an explosive that far surpasses the power of the black powder used since the Middle Ages and at the same time is relatively easy to handle. With the help of this tool, ambitious major projects such as the construction of the Gotthard Tunnel can now be realized. But Nobel's invention also has its downsides. Quickly their explosive power is abused as a deadly weapon.

Nobel makes a fortune by successfully marketing his "safety powder" - and finally donates it to honor those who have made a significant contribution to humanity through their work. With the annual presentation of the Nobel Prizes, the scientific world also remembers each time its founder and namesake: the gifted researcher and entrepreneur Alfred Nobel.

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As of: 29.09.2017