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Genebanks as a last resort for biodiversity?

Genebanks and Biodiversity Mari Tefre / Svalbard Global Seed Vault / Walter J. Pilsak / GFDL / NIH / MMCD / Edward Hicks / public domain
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Up to 150 species disappear forever from the earth, thousands of animals, plants and fungi are so endangered that they may soon face the same fate. Some experts therefore already speak today of the sixth major mass extinction of Earth's history.

Politicians, scientists and conservationists are therefore pushing hard to find ways to stop species extinction and save biodiversity on our planet. One possible solution to this problem is the so-called gene banks.

Noah's 21st-century modern arks are used to freeze or store animals' DNA, ova or sperm, or the seeds of plants, and preserve them for current research but also for posterity. But can the mass extinction be compensated or even reversed?

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Dieter Lohmann
As of: 30.05.2008