Asteroids - treasure and danger


It's not the question if, but only when an asteroid is going to collide with Earth. © Pitris / thinkstock
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On the one hand, they are life-givers and suppliers of raw materials, but on the other hand they are a deadly threat: asteroids. The relics of the early days of the solar system played a key role in the history of our planet - for better or for worse.

Today, the cosmic chunks arouse both desire and scientific curiosity. Because in the asteroids are valuable metals and other resources that could use the humanity well. Among other things, space agencies and commercial companies are planning sampling and even capture missions.

At the same time there is always the risk that an asteroid hits the earth. How dangerous such impacts can be in extreme cases, testifies among other things, the end of the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago. Accordingly active, the near-Earth asteroids are monitored today. Nevertheless, the cosmic chunks are always good for a surprise.

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