Dark circles: what really helps

First aid with shadows under the eyes

Stress and lack of sleep leave their mark on the eyes. 123rf.com, Piotr Marcinski
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Dark circles after a sleepless night are almost inevitable. The traces of stress and lack of sleep leave their mark on the eyes. Most dark circles are harmless and can be eliminated by changing the lifestyle. What helps, so that the look in the mirror does not end with a shock, we reveal below.

How do you create dark circles?

Shadows under the eyes make us look tired and exhausted. However, rarely are health problems the cause of dark circles. The reasons are to look in the nature of the skin under the eyes. This is thinner than at any other body site.

As the skin ages, the blood vessels on the thin part of the skin become more prominent. Scientists assume that genes also play a role in whether someone tends to dark circles or not. At a high pigment concentration, the skin appears darker. Causes of this hyperpigmentation can be allergies, drugs or medications.

Dark circles announce the fight

In most cases, dark circles are an indication of an unhealthy and unfavorable lifestyle. It is important to detect and eliminate potential risk factors. As a result, the dark circles will also decrease.

Lack of sleep is a common indicator of dark circles. Shadows under the eyes may also indicate that the body lacks fluid. Rings under the eyes also often indicate a stressed liver, which can no longer ensure the detoxification of the body. Often smokers tend to dark circles, because the nicotine loads the liver. display

These causes result in the following emergency measures against dark circles:

  • sleep well (seven to nine hours)
  • drink enough (at least two liters daily)
  • Adjust or reduce alcohol consumption
  • Stop smoking or reduce it

Often, the area under the eyes is not only discolored, but also swollen. For swelling and dark shadows under the eyes cool compresses can help. The cold stimulates the blood circulation and the swelling sounds. This effect can also be achieved with cool cucumber slices or used and cooled teabags.

Make-up on dark circles

While this is not a solution to the problem, it can serve to mask the eye shadow. The best results can be achieved with concealers. Concealers are applied to the eye area after cleansing the face. Subsequently, the facial make-up can be applied as usual. The dark circles are reliably covered. To make the complexion look natural, the concealer should be chosen a few shades lighter than the make-up.

Vitamins for the eyes

By proper nutrition, dark circles can also be alleviated. Attention should be paid to the intake of sufficient vitamin A. Vitamin A increases the firmness of the skin and makes the blood vessels less noticeable.

A lot of vitamin A is in:

  • carrots
  • spinach
  • pumpkin
  • Grnkohl

Cream the eye shadow

Dark circles can be treated with cream. In this case, a special eye cream should be used, which contains a corresponding drug combination. If simple facial creams are used, the skin will be additionally attacked and the eye shadows will become even more prominent.

Most suitable are creams containing hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid has a cushioning effect. Eye shadows are mitigated. Eye creams should contain as little as possible no alcohol and no alcohol. Beneficial for the sensitive eye area are perfume-free products. Collagen has a skin-smoothing function and reduces eye wrinkles.

Insider's tip potato

Potatoes can also mitigate dark circles. Before use, the potato should travel in the freezer for about half an hour. Then it is sliced ​​and placed on the eyes. The cooling effect lasts for a long time and the vitamins contained in the potato also nourish the skin.