Bermuda Triangle

Myth and reality in the Sargasso Sea

Bermuda Triangle in the Western Atlantic NASA
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The Bermuda Triangle is an area in the western Atlantic off the coast of Florida. Also referred to as the "Devil's Triangle", this stretch of the Atlantic, associated with fear, terror and unexplainable incursions, stretches from the southern tip of Florida to the Bermuda Islands in the northeast, down to Puerto Rico.

For decades, this region has stood for the eerie and unerring disappearance of ships and aircraft. Time and again, reports appeared that sought to provide apparent evidence of mysterious forces at work there. Today it is clear that most documented cases of crashed ships or aircraft can be explained rationally. And if, in one case or another, there were not really any traces, then it is the technical equipment of the search teams or simply the absence of witnesses in the vastness of the Atlantic.

Nevertheless, the region around the Bermuda Triangle is worth a second look. The Sargasso Sea, which stretches from the Bermuda Triangle to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, has a number of special features to offer - beyond the unexplainable. Because of the special situation and the associated climatic conditions, a unique and extraordinary spectrum of animal and plant species has settled here.

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