Germany's best geography student is certain

The winner comes for the fifth time in a row from Saxony

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The national winner in the "National Geographic Wissen" competition has been determined: for the fifth time in a row he comes from Saxony. Johannes Fiukowski has decided in his favor for the final of the biggest competition for juniors aged 16 to 16, making him the best geography student in Germany.


I think it's great that so many students have participated in this competition and I congratulate the winners. Sound knowledge of culture such as topography, nature and history of Germany, Europe and the world are important foundations of a broad education. That's why my special thanks go to the publishers and institutions involved here, "said Hamburg Senator for Education and Sport, Alexandra Dinges-Dierig, enthusiastically after the finale.

The 16 winners of the individual federal states and the winner of German schools abroad had tested their geographic knowledge with tricky questions from the fields of topography, history, culture and nature. In several question rounds, the number of title contenders was reduced until Johannes Fiukowski was the winner of the Bundestag. Second place went to Thomas M√ľnnemann from Thuringia. The third place was awarded twice and went to Achim Schwarz from Bavaria and Kyrylo Kobzar from Schleswig-Holstein.

Since January, the students had mastered the previous rounds of competition at the class, school and state level undefeated and qualified for the final in the Elbe metropolis. In total, around 225, 000 girls and boys participated in the competition in Germany. "National Geographic Wissen" has been taking place since the year 2000 and is carried out in cooperation with the Association of German School Geographers eV and the Westermann Verlag with the Diercke Weltatlas. display

(National Geographic Germany, 07.05.2007 - AHE)