The big flood

Researchers unveil the prehistoric disaster on the Mediterranean

A dam broke one of the most powerful floods in the history of the earth and filled the Mediterranean in a few months completely Roger Pibernat / CC-by-sa 3.0
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The Mediterranean is the scene of one of the most dramatic catastrophes of recent geology: barely six million years ago, the entire sea disappeared within just a thousand years - only to be replenished in one sweep.

At that time, 100 million cubic meters of water per second flowed through a breach in the land bridge separating the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The almost 3, 000 meters deep sea basin was fully recovered in a few months - the level rose ten meters during the day.

How these dramatic events came about and what consequences they had, geoforscher have found out only in recent years using drill cores, seismic measurements and models and piece by piece of puzzle piece reconstructed ...

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Nadja Podbregar
As of: 22.03.2013