The MOSAiC expedition


Melting temple on Arctic sea ice. Stefan Hendricks / AWI
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Frozen in the ice, the "Polarstern" and their crew will drift through the central Arctic for a year collecting data from this white patch of the research map. © Stefan Hendricks / AWI

Eingefroren im Eis werden die "Polarstern" und ihre Besatzung ein Jahr lang durch die zentrale Arktis driften und dabei Daten aus diesem weißen Fleck der Forschungslandkarte sammeln. © Stefan Hendricks/ AWI

MOSAiC Expedition: A year in the ice

International transpolar drift through the central Arctic begins

It is the largest Arctic expedition ever: on September 20, 2019, an international team of researchers set off with the research icebreaker Polarstern for a one-year drift through the Arctic Ocean. The ship and its crew are trapped by sea ice and carried with the current from Siberia to Greenland. Along the way, they collect unique data on climate, ocean and Arctic ice.

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- Nadja Podbregar