You should know these top 3 applications of polyurethane


Polyurethane is one of the most important materials from which foam mattresses are made., moodboard
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The discovery and development of polyurethane set the course in science for completely new innovations. Above all, the unprecedented versatility of a material was responsible for the fact that entire sectors soon formed around the newly discovered structure. But what are the main applications of polyurethane today and why is this substance so valuable?

The way to the mass product

Basically, polyurethane is suitable as a so-called synthetic resin to fulfill versatile functions. Initially, the industry decided to use the material as a sealing material. This was due to the simple application on the one hand. The resin was flexible and precise in the desired joints apply, for example, to protect them from the penetration of water. Added to this was the particular longevity of the substance, which was soon discovered in the laboratory. This made it possible to rely on gaskets made of polyurethane for many years and even decades. The good price / performance ratio that subsequently emerged made the material interesting as a sealant for the mass market and made it widely used. The importance of this substance in the industry today can be found here on

Relaxing sleep on polyurethane

It quickly became known how easily larger quantities of polyurethane could be produced, which could then be flexibly adapted to different shapes. This property initially helped the fabric in the construction industry to function as a mounting foam. For example, larger cavities could be filled with ease and particularly favorable. On the other hand, resourceful engineers came up with the idea of ​​using this property of material in an even greater dimension. Since then, polyurethane has been one of the most important materials used to make foam mattresses.

On the one hand, the low price was responsible for the fact that the entire industry could be revolutionized by the synthetic resin. In addition, however, came the special ability to adapt to the body shape of the sleeping and thus to allow a particularly healthy lying. Added to this was the option of forming the polyurethane into different degrees of hardness through a slightly varying processing process. So for the first time it was possible on a favorable basis to make very special mattresses, which adapted to the needs of the buyer.

Toughness and resilience

Each of us comes in contact with polyurethane in a different way every day. Because the special resistance of the material, which could be paired with a long life, made the synthetic resin the basis for many shoe soles. These have to withstand high loads in everyday life and must not deform even under this pressure. For this reason, a special form of polyurethane was used, which was able to fulfill exactly this function. Thus, the plastic became an important basis on which the classic leather sole could be detached, which dominated the market until this moment. The great possibilities associated with the synthetic resin can hardly be underestimated. display


All in all, polyurethane remains an integral part of our society and serves as the basis for so many products. Against this background, it is all too clear why industry attaches so much importance to the chemical marvel. It will be interesting to see how innovative the products will be in the coming years and decades.

(The article was written in cooperation with the external author Claus M hlfeld., 06.10.2017 -)