DNS Scanner

Gencheck with terahertz radiation

Biochip with DNA probes in the golden radiation enhancement ring: The THZ beam detects a coupling of sample and target DNA Universit t Siegen / Peter B denbender / Michael Kreutz
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A few seconds and a drop of blood are enough, and we can read in our genes: They tell us whether our body is infected by viruses or bacteria, or whether cancer genes or genetic defects threaten. Pure utopia? Not quite. This vision of the future has already begun in Siegen.

If Professor Haring BolĂ­var from the Institute for High-Frequency Technology and Quantum Electronics (HQE) of the University of Siegen goes it, the vision of such a rapid genetic analysis could soon become reality in German medical practices. With international participation, the electrical engineer is currently working on the development of a DNA scanner.

From a purely technical point of view, many things would be possible: the identification of pathogens in the body, but also the early detection of hereditary diseases or an increased risk of cancer. Whether and how such analysis options are actually used - and whether this is ethically and medically so useful, however, will still need to be discussed.

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Hellermann, Haring Bolivar / Uni Siegen
As of: 04.01.2008