A spider named Karl Lagerfeld

Black and white coloring reminds of the typical outfit of the fashion shooter

In honor of the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld biologists have christened this newly discovered spider species "Jotus karllagerfeldi". © Mark Newton
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Black "gloves", a white collar and the rest of the outfit is stylish in black and white: This jumping spider reminded biologists so strongly of the look of the recently deceased fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, that they gave her a quick name. The newly discovered spider species in Australia is now called in his honor Jotus karllagerfeldi.

Actually, the jumping spider of the genus Jotus shine rather by their splendor of color: their running and Tastbeine are often bright red, blue or green colored. Like all jumping spiders, they also have extra large eyes that allow them to see in space. Spiders need this ability, as they do not build nets, but catch their prey in the jump. Being able to aim well is therefore enormously important to them. Researchers have also recently discovered that jumping spiders are surprisingly good at hearing - even though they have no ears.

Sunglasses, white collar and a fan

A completely new and rather extraordinary representative of the Jotus jumping spiders have now discovered Danilo Harms from the University of Hamburg and his colleagues in Australia. The only four to five millimeters small spider is unlike other previously known representatives of their genus not colorful, but practices in an "understatement": body and trunk are completely in black and white. "The animal reminded us of the colors of the reduced style of Karl Lagerfeld, " says Harms.

The jumping spider has four large black eyes, which reminded the biologists of the sunglasses of the fashion designer. "In addition, she has a white collar in the neck region and the legs are black and white. Especially for the black claws, we had to think about Lagerfeld gloves, "says Harms. The males of this species also wear on the first pair of legs a "fan" of long black hair - also that was one of the hallmarks of Lagerfeld.

In honor of the deceased fashion designer, the biologists have christened the newly discovered spider species "Jotus karllagerfeldi". "It is a tribute and I think that Karl Lagerfeld would have been happy about the animal, " says Harms. display

Behavior and way of life still unknown

Although the genus Jotus is widespread in Australia, little is known about their biology: "We know little to nothing about the exact conditions and behavior, except that they live in the low vegetation and there on the hunt for insects go, "says Harms. "But we do not know the female animals, for example, because so far only male specimens were found. Now that we have described the species, I hope we will learn more about it soon. "

The biologists suspect, however, that Jotus karllagerfeldi - similar to many other jumping spiders uses his place in the courtship dance. At the same time, the little men dance in front of the potential partner, vibrating with their bodies and swinging their hair shaker. "Jotus karllagerfeldi does not have such recordings, but since the males have the same characteristics as other species, they can be expected to do so, " says Harms.

Source: University of Hamburg

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- Nadja Podbregar