Iceberg Ahoy!

Average colossi of the polar seas

Iceberg NOAA
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First signs of a climate catastrophe, a danger for tankers and oil rigs or just a lucrative business - for many people, floating icebergs are more than just a spectacular photo opportunity.

But are the calving glaciers and the polar ice sheet really infinite iceberg producers? Why are more and more thousands of square kilometers of ice floes breaking away from the ice shelf edge of the Antarctic? And what effect do these ice giants have on the marine ecosystem? Questions on the glaciologists currently have little answers.

The lifetime of the icebergs is limited - they melt. Some faster, others slower. And so, on a journey of many years through the northern and southern polar seas, the white colossi drift slowly towards their end. Join the adventurous journey of the icebergs through the cold regions of our earth and make a "temporary acquaintance" ...

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Daniela Riechmann
As of: 22.09.2003