Electric vehicle on the water

New trend towards electric and hybrid vessels

This purely electric car horn will be on the road in summer 2017 in Finland. Siemens
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So far, ships with electric or hybrid drive are still exotic. But there is a change in the shipping industry: In view of rising fuel costs and stricter environmental regulations, the shipping companies are starting to rethink - first examples and trailblazers already exist. Driving with electricity instead of diesel and heavy fuel oil could become a trend.

Whether the first purely electric car ferry, water taxis with noiseless electric drive or freighter, which use the help of sun and wind for their drive - now the idea of ​​electromobility on the water is no longer just a dream of the future. On the contrary, many sectors of the shipping industry are working on concepts designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions from ships. Whether these ideas will prevail in broad terms, the future must show.

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Nadja Podbregar
As of: 07.10.2016