Cell Phones - Danger at the Ear?

Mobile phone - danger at the ear? IMSI MasterClips / Podbregar
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A life without a mobile? - For many, this is hardly conceivable. More and more people do not want to give up being available anytime, anywhere, the industry is booming. But in the joy of the beautiful world of new telecommunications are increasingly mixed warning t ne.

Headache, concentration problems, even cancer and loss of memory are mentioned. And not only in the sensational press, but also in the world of science.

Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere - in times of modern technology, there is hardly any radiation-free place. But with the triumphal procession of cell phones and other mobile communication technologies, the electric smog is becoming denser and closer to us.

But what about the cell phone fear? What do the scientific data say? Is everything just scare or is there any cause for concern?

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Nadja Podbregar
Stand: 26.08.2000 Display