Inventions "made in China"

Exciting and unusual genius tricks from the Middle Kingdom

A stroke of genius from the Middle Kingdom Jean-Patrick Donzey / Meierhofer / Gerd AT M ller / GFDL / White House / Chris Greenberg
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"Made in China" is not a seal of approval today, but stands for junk, cheap products and plagiarism - mostly anyway. But that was not always so. As early as 5, 000 years ago, when large parts of the world were still in deep cultural and scientific sleep, one of the first advanced civilizations of humanity existed in the Far East.

Since then, Chinese philosophers such as Confucius, magnificent emperors like Qin Shihuangdi and, above all, ingenious inventors, have kept shooting the wheel of history. Paper, compass, porcelain, silk: these are just some of the genius tricks of the Middle Kingdom that conquered the earth from there.

But how did these discoveries come about? Who created them? And are all the flashes of inspiration attributed to the Chinese really coming from the Land of Smiles? The answer to this and many other questions is the dossier.

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Dieter Lohmann
As of: 15.08.2008