Window view into the virtual world

MovableScreen facilitates navigation in 3-D models

Users with MovableScreen © Fraunhofer IGD
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Virtual Reality (VR) technologies are becoming increasingly important to business and industry. At the Hanover Fair, scientists are now presenting a "Window into the Virtual World", which can be used, for example, to visualize plant and architectural models.

Faster and more favorable product development, a clearer teaching of content, or more realistic, interactive representations of 3-D models - these are some of the benefits of using Virtual or Advanced Reality. Accordingly, the two related technologies are increasingly being used.

With the system MovableScreen the user can intuitively navigate through virtual reality. To this end, the scientists have mounted an interactive display on a rotatable column. The rotation of the display is recorded via sensors and transmitted to navigation in the virtual world. If the user turns the column, this rotation is transferred to the 3-D model and he can look around in the virtual model. For the passage through the scenery he presses an interaction puck. A head tracking camera, which is also integrated in the display, records the eye movement of the user and aligns the visualization of the virtual scene with the user's line of sight.

"MovableScreen allows users to navigate virtual worlds that have no previous experience with 3D computer graphics. The adaptation of the presentation to his line of vision gives the user the impression of looking through a window into the virtual world, "says Michael Z llner, member of the Virtual and Advanced Reality department of Fraunhofer IGD. For example, the system can be used to vividly visualize architectural models. "The MoveableScreen can be operated intuitively and can be used for a wide variety of applications - for example, for the visualization of virtual factories or plants as well as virtual architecture inspections, " continues Zllllner.

(Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD, 11.04.2007 - NPO) Display