G8 protest at the summit

Environmentalists warn against climate change on the Ararat

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G8: there is no way back - Climate protection now stands on a banner that 14 Greenpeace activists deployed yesterday morning on the summit of Mount Ararat. With their protest at 5, 137 meters altitude, the environmentalists called on the leaders of the G8 countries to take the threats of climate change seriously.


"We do not have much time left to reroute. Otherwise humanity will face a climate catastrophe in which floods, storms and droughts will drive out or kill countless people from their homes, "said Beate Steffens, Greenpeace climber, at the summit. The UN Science Council speaks of a window of less than 15 years.

"Bush, Merkel and Co. must realize that we will soon reach a point where climate change is unstoppable. We no longer get many chances to take our fate into our own hands. "

To convey their message, the climbers were no mountain too high. For three days they were traveling through scree, ice and snow. Neither temperatures around minus 20 degrees at night, the enormous height still steep, only passable on the rope passages could dissuade the environmentalists from their mission. display

Master plan for climate protection

This year, the IPCC's UN Climate Scientists have confirmed that climate change will be faster and worse than feared if global greenhouse gases are not massively reduced. To do this, the greenhouse gas emissions of the G8 countries must be reduced by 30 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050. Worldwide, greenhouse gas emissions must halve by 2050. How this works without economic damage and without nuclear power, Greenpeace has calculated this year in a master plan.

"There are no more excuses now, all the facts are on the table, now things have to be done: The G8 countries must decide on specific reduction targets for greenhouse gases at their summit in Heiligendamm, " said climate expert Andree Böhling. According to Greenpeace, the behavior of the US government is irresponsible at the moment. As the world's largest producer of greenhouse gases, the US also has to significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Ecological rogue states

Exactly 35 years after the first major UN World Environment Conference in Stockholm and 15 years after the environmental conference in Rio de Janero, the planet's situation is more threatening than ever. "Anyone who keeps closing their eyes will go down in history as an ecological rogue state, " says Böhling.

The Noah's Ark, which Greenpeace is currently building on the Ararat in southeastern Turkey, is now completed after a four-week construction period and will be handed over to the public tomorrow in a solemn ceremony. Greenpeace will then reaffirm the responsibility of politicians for climate protection in an Ararat declaration.

(Greenpeace, 30.05.2007 - DLO)