Poison in kids rain jackets

Test finds dangerous fluorine compounds

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The Federal Government for the Environment and Nature Conservation Germany (BUND) warns against harmful chemicals in children's rain jackets. According to the latest results of the magazine "├ľkotest", four out of 14 of the tested products have found fluorochemicals to be particularly dangerous.

Eleven of the rain jackets also contained elevated levels of hormonally active plasticizers. According to BUND, in order to protect children from these chemicals, a fundamental reform of European chemicals policy through the REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) is needed. It will be voted on by the EU Parliament in November.

Gerhard Timm, BUND Federal Managing Director: "We must not leave our children in the rain unprotected. Health and environmentally harmful substances have no place in their clothing. 97 percent of chemicals on the market do not know the dangers they pose to humans and the environment. That's why chemical companies must finally be held accountable for testing all the substances they produce. It is in the hands of the EU parliamentarians to initiate these steps and in the interest of our children on 16.11. to vote for a strong chemicals law. "

Fluorochemicals are among the substances of which companies in the EU produce only 1-10 tons per year. Nevertheless, they can be detected worldwide in waters, in the atmosphere and in the blood of humans and animals. They are difficult to break down in the body, impair their ability to develop and reproduce, and can cause bladder and prostate cancer.

Patricia Cameron, BUND chemicals expert: "The example of fluorochemicals makes it clear: even chemicals that are produced in small quantities can cause serious damage. But the chemical industry does not want to provide enough data for these chemicals. Under no circumstances should the EU parliamentarians give in to this pressure. You also have to demand information for chemicals with this production quantity, which allows you to assess their hazardousness. "Display

The plasticizers found in rain jackets have a negative effect on male reproductive ability and are already banned in children's toys across the EU. The find demonstrates that bans on individual applications could not provide comprehensive protection. On the other hand, REACH requires that hazardous substances must be withdrawn from the market if safer alternatives are available.

The detailed test results were published in the new ├ľko-Test-Magazin on October 24, 2005.

(BUND, 25.10.2005 - NPO)