Basics to sports betting


In sports betting in addition to dog betting many other sports are very popular, such as horse racing or football. pixabay, LAWJR (CCO public domain)
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Sports betting is not a specialized science that requires an exam. Even the tasks of the bookmaker are not rocket science. However, to successfully bet, it is worth learning a few worthwhile basics. Thus, the entry into the topic of sports betting is a bit easier. Betting has a very long tradition dating back to antiquity. Here, a primal instinct of the human being plays an important role: to want to be right in the primal instinct and to earn money with the alleged knowledge. But what is so fascinating about sports betting? What is a bookmaker and how is he organized? How do the odds arise? How can the profit be calculated?

Many players expect the big win in betting. In addition to a bit of luck, this requires above all knowledge of the sport and a good betting strategy. © pixabay, PeterKaul (CCO Public Domain)

The bookmaker

A bet among friends is quickly negotiated. There are two different opinions, a bet and a handshake that seals the bet. This is not a big deal among friends, since the principle is that betting debts are honor debts that have to be paid.

But what if the counterpart of a bet is unknown or when it comes to higher wagers? Then a licensed bookmaker is in demand. He is the counterpart to his own bet, with which everyone can make his bet. The advantage of a state-licensed bookmaker is that in case of a lost bet, he will certainly pay the previously agreed profit. The profession of bookmaker has a very long tradition and is fraught with a certain risk. Dubious betting offers or unlicensed bookmakers carry the risk that the player waits in vain for the payout of his winnings. The licensing and other details are regulated in Germany in the State Treaty on Gambling.

When betting on the Internet, the betting platform is the bookmaker. There is a wide range of bets with certain odds. The business model is to encourage as many customers as possible to bet. With every lost bet, the bookmaker wins in the end. The more people play, the bigger the revenue of the betting portals. A good online bookmaker can be recognized by a reputable reputation, a state license, low odds and a quick payout. On many portals there is also a competition school for absolute beginners, in which the players inform themselves comprehensively about possibilities and strategies.

The sports bet

A sports bet is a bet in which two argue about who is right about how a particular sporting event will turn out. Basically, it's about betting the bookie about the outcome of a particular sporting event. This can be a single game or the result of a major sporting event. In addition, there are also a number of special bets, such as how long a particular coach stays with a club. display

For each of these bets, for each event, the bookmaker sets odds. It tells you how probable the outcome of a specific bet is for him. The higher the odds, the less likely the bookmaker will find the result to arrive. If the quota is fixed, the wager that the players would like to play at this quota must be determined. If the player loses the bet, the bookmaker coins the wager. If the player wins, the bookmaker pays the prize, which is usually a multiple of the bet.

The odds

The odds ratio determines how high the prize will end up when the player has correctly bet. The bookmaker rates each individual sports bet and assigns a quota. The less likely the bookmaker is to win a bet, the higher the odds are. If you are still correct, you can look forward to high profits, because the odds increase the profit. High odds, however, do not mean that the player should put his money on this bet.

Here is exactly to look at what it is in the bet. For example, if the first-placed football league plays against the last-placed, the bookmaker will set the quota high. However, the likelihood that the outsider will be the winner is so low that the player is better off not using money.

The system bet

System and combo bets are very popular in online betting. Here you can play several bets at the same time. So a player does not just spend his money on a soccer game and wait until the game is over. He bets on several games. It is important to know that all tips of a combined bet must be correct in order to win. In a system bet, players do not have to bet all the results correctly. The odds on combination and system bets are usually higher than for single bets. Beginners should restrain themselves for a while with these bets until they have acquired the necessary basic knowledge.

What are the profits?

The odds can be quickly calculated from the odds and bets. The wager multiplied by the odds results in the winnings.

In order to calculate the odds for combined bets, simply multiply the individual odds to obtain the total bet odds.

Calculating system bets is a bit more complex, since here the individual quota series have to be considered and added together. Most bookmakers offer a system bet win calculator on their pages.

How many corner balls are there in the game? - an interesting question for a bet. © pixabay, Skitterphoto (CCO public domain)

Live Betting

In the online betting segment, live betting today is an essential part of the betting offer. Here, players can bet while the football matches are still running. There are additional betting options, such as betting on intermediate levels, on the number of corner balls or on scorers. As players bet on a running game, the circumstances of the game are constantly changing. At the same time, betting odds and winning options are also changing.

There are two challenges to live betting: tap correctly and tip at the right time. It is advisable to wait for a game to kick off and the first ten minutes of play. So the weather can benefit from better odds.

(The article was written in collaboration with the external author Daniel Theiss., 18.01.2018 -)