Hair loss: reduce mental suffering with transplantation


No exception: About eighty percent of all men suffer sooner or later age-related balding., bykst
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40 percent of all men and one woman in five suffers from hair loss [1] . The causes are manifold, but in many cases lead to the same problem for sufferers: mental suffering.

Tufts are found in the morning suddenly hair on the pillow or in the shower. The shock is great in those affected, but not only are they struggling with this problem. Circular hair loss (alopecia areata) affects over one million Germans. Hair loss can also occur as a result of stress or illness, for example as a result of a metabolic disorder such as diabetes mellitus or malnutrition. In most cases, however, hair loss is a cause of androgenetic alopecia: it affects men and women alike. As soon as more than 100 hairs per day fail, there is talk of hair loss. From the age of 30, every fifth woman and every third man is affected.

Health insurance companies rarely pay for treatments

Although the hair loss affects many people from the age of 30, health insurance in most cases refuse to pay for this disease. The Federal Social Court decided in 2015 [2] that not only between genders, but also the age is to be distinguished.

Men with hereditary hair loss in this case pull the short straw. True to the case law, they are not an illness or disability; ergo, they are not entitled to an aid such as a wig.

Ill or disabled are people who suffer from mental or physical disorders due to the hair loss. Things are different, for example, if the head of a man is scarred by scars - a reimbursement for a Toupet has a good chance in such cases. display

In case of hair loss, advise and treat quickly

If the hair loss is noticed, the psyche of a person may suffer. Self-confidence is attacked both in men and in women. Those who work with people on a daily basis and do not want their problem to be noticed are particularly hard hit.

Fighting hair loss today is possible in various ways; but first, the cause must be known - this can find out the dermatologist. If there is no way to stop the hair loss easily, so-called hair transplantation is a popular solution.

During hair transplantation, hair from the hair wreath is distributed to bald spots. According to Andreas Krämer, owner of the Hairforlife Hair Transplant Consultation Center, the hair from the hair wreath is insensitive and retains its properties after redistribution. Patients do not have to fear that the affected areas will become bald again.

Hair transplantation can be used in both men and women. The only prerequisite: There must be a hereditary hair loss and the hair ring must be well preserved.

Propagation of hair made in Japan

The classic hair transplantation has a limitation: The hair ring must be present to a sufficient degree. This could soon be bypassed, if one trusts Japanese experts. In the land of the rising sun, 18 million Japanese suffer from hair loss. A consortium formed by Kyocera, Riken and Organ Technologies is looking for a solution to help this group, as reports.

They want to remove skin areas, isolate stem cells of the hair follicles and multiply them in order to implant them. According to Kyocera, 100 hairs are needed to successfully complete the hair transplant. The experiment has already been successful in mice; By 2018, the process will be perfected and commercialized after clinical trials from 2020 onwards.

Prevent a hair loss

Researchers have not yet been able to solve the problem of why hair follicles are preserved at the back of the head longer than on the top. For those affected, this little detail does not play a significant role anyway. They want to know how they can protect themselves against hair loss.

The bad news: Most people will sooner or later experience age-related balding; in men, it is 80 percent, in women every second especially after menopause. But: In any case, two factors play a major role in hair loss: nutrition and stress.

Hair roots are surrounded by follicles, from which every single hair springs. Nutrients such as biotin and vitamin B are taken up over the area. If the iron balance in the blood is disturbed, there is a lack of vitamin A, which leads to hair loss.

In addition to nutrition, there are also medicines that can delay or stop hereditary hair loss. Men are responsible for the sensitivity of the hair roots to dihydrotestosterone. Two drugs (minoxidil and finasteride) are currently available: finasteride blocks the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. The effect lasts as long as the medication is taken. And: It works only in the early stages. That is why it is important to react to a hair loss in time.

When the time is almost up, only hair transplantation remains as a last resort to save the hair. But here, too, sufferers should not wait too long.

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