Cell phones to sunflowers

Compostable mobile phones developed

Recyclable Cell Phones Dr. Kerry Kirwan / University Of Warwick
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Where to go with the old mobile phones? British scientists have come up with an unusual answer to this question: just dig in the soil and grow a flower of your choice. For this to work, they have developed a compostable plastic for the phones.

Mobile phones are among the fastest obsolete and replaced devices in the electronics industry. As a result, the mountain of decommissioned cell phones is growing faster and faster. Among other things, the pressure from politicians and consumers on manufacturers to develop environmentally friendly solutions for the recycling of equipment is growing.

Researchers at Warwick University may now have found a solution to "green" disposal. Together with a manufacturer of high-tech materials, PVAXX Research, scientists around Kerry Kirwan developed a cell phone housing that is biodegradable. The polymer used and an environmentally friendly coating decompose in compost deposited within a few weeks.

As a bonus, a sunflower grows out of the compost phone. For this purpose, the researchers have built a small transparent window in the housing, in which they embedded a flower seed. The seed is thus visible from the outside and is thus intended to signal the user the environmental friendliness of the product. However, the seed does not germinate until the cell phone is on the compost.

(University Of Warwick, 02.12.2004 - NPO) advertisement