cave bear

Rousing Ice Age Giants

Skeleton of Ursus spelaeus HTO / public domain
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They were three and a half meters long, almost as tall as a door, and weighed over a ton: cave-beards are among the most unusual animals that have lived on the planet since the demise of the dinosaurs Earth have lived. Along with mammoths, woolly rhinos and saber-toothed cats, the primeval giants roamed the landscapes of the last ice age.

Although first cave bear fossils were found in Europe more than 200 years ago, the animals still give many puzzles to scientists today. What exactly did the cave bears look like? Were they harmless vegetarians or terrifying predators? And above all, when and how exactly did they die?

Scientists have been arguing extensively about these and many other questions for ages - long without any resounding success. But with the help of new fossil discoveries and modern dating and investigation methods, some secrets about the cave bears have been revealed ...

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Dieter Lohmann
As of: 22.07.2011