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The end of a year always invites you to take stock: What was special about this year? What scientific achievements have existed and what natural events triggered concern and hardships?

As always at the end of the year, some of the scientific highlights summarize the journal "Science" in its breakthroughs of the year. What was outstanding in physics was summed up for us by the American Physical Society. In astronomy we had a special spectacle in 2018: in July we were able to admire the longest lunar eclipse of the century and at the same time Mars in opposition to the sun.

But along with these advances and achievements, there have been less enjoyable developments: climate change is increasingly showing its negative face, bringing 1, 018 weather extremes around the world. Among them were heavy, particularly rainy cyclones like Michael and Florence in the USA or the Typhoon Mangkhut in Asia. A symptom of change, however, was also the record summer, which brought unusual heat and lasting drought to almost the entire northern hemisphere.

For the global research community there was a great loss to mourn in 2018: Stephen Hawking, the great British physicist and cosmologist, died in March 2018. But in several posthumously published articles, his ingenious spirit lives on.

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- Nadja Podbregar