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Gerold Wefer was awarded the honorary doctorate of the University of Oldenburg

Professor Gerold Wefer MARUM_ Research Center Ocean Borders
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The Bremen marine geologist Professor dr. Gerold Wefer was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Oldenburg. It honors the outstanding scientific achievements of the Bremen scientists in exploring the role of the oceans in "System Earth". Significant insights into the global carbon cycle and its change in the course of climate evolution in the Holocene date from the work of Wefer.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Oldenburg not only honors the outstanding scientist, but at the same time an excellent knowledge facilitator, a promoter of young scientists and a thought leader far beyond the borders of his own discipline, it says in the grounds for the award. "I'm really happy about this award, " explains Prof. Wefer. "It is an incentive to further expand the scientific axis Bremen - Oldenburg and to initiate new projects in marine research."

Wefer is a professor of general geology with a focus on marine geology at the University of Bremen, where he is Director of the Marum_Research Center for Ocean Rims. Among other things, he is President of the Geological Association eV and heads the steering committee of Wissenschaft im Dialog Berlin. In Bremen, he made a name for himself as the initiator of the House of Science, which he heads today.

"The fact that the marine research sites in Oldenburg and Bremen work so closely together today and significantly enrich German and international science with their work is due in many ways to the vision and commitment of Gerold Wefer, " explains Oldenburg geochemist Prof. Dr. med. Hans Brumsack, member of the directorate of the Institute of Biology and Chemistry of the Sea (ICBM) of the University of Oldenburg. The award of the honorary doctorate took place within the framework of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the ICBM.

(University of Oldenburg, MARUM_Forschungszentrum Ozeanränder, 10.07.2007 - AHE) advertisement