In the realm of a thousand volcanoes

The Vogelsberg was once the largest volcanic area in Central Europe

Fire-breathing vents: It could have looked similar to this one in the Vogelsberg area around 15 million years ago. USGA / CVO
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Many of the Vogelsberg is known only as an idyllic low mountain range northeast of Frankfurt am Main. But beneath the surface is the largest volcanic area in Central Europe. Until almost ten million years ago, countless chimneys here were burning with glowing lava. The remains of this fiery past can still be found everywhere today.

Ember avalanches, lava flows and ash clouds: About 17 million years ago, the area around today's Vogelsberg was anything but cozy - on the contrary. Millions of years of eruptions transformed the region into a real hell of fire. An area as big as the Saarland was buried by hundreds of meters of lava. The traces of this prehistoric catastrophe can still be admired throughout the Vogelsberg area.

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Nadja Podbregar
As of: 03.11.2017