Jamnaja - Rider from the steppe


String pottery, ax and amber discs (left) and weapon spikes made of bones and bronze of the Jamnaja. Danish National Museum, Mustafin / Public domain
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Part of our cultural and genetic heritage is due to Jamnaja - a semi-nomadic steppe people that existed 5, 000 years ago. © Dmitri Chulov / iStock

Einen Teil unseres kulturellen und genetischen Erbes verdanken wir den Jamnaja – einem vor 5.000 Jahren existierenden halbnomadischen Steppenvolk. © Dmitri Chulov/ iStock

Heir of the steppe riders

How a Bronze Age people changed our story

In the Bronze Age, our ancestors experienced a tremendous cultural boost. Suddenly they changed their crafting techniques, discovered the nuclear family and property, and buried their dead in new ways. But what was the trigger for this revolution in Bronze Age Europe? And what role do the rider nomads of the Eurasian steppe play?

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- Nadja Podbregar