Fight for young researchers

Humboldt Foundation wants to attract more foreign top researchers

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In the global fight for the best young researchers, the Federal Government-funded Alexander von Humboldt Foundation wants to relax its narrow rules and become more interesting.


The president of the Humboldt Foundation, Wolfgang Fr hwald, stated in the weekly newspaper Zeit : "Our competitors buy scientists like football players, so we can financially do not keep up. But we can change the conditions for our scholarship holders so that Germany remains attractive. "

So far, there have been rigid age limits for the promotion, in the future, a promotion up to 12 years after graduation is possible. Research stays in Germany could also be divided into several sections, which is particularly interesting for young professors from the USA. "Through this reform, we are opening up a whole new group of people, " says Frühwald.

In addition, the Foundation wants to invest six million euros in a new research grant that every fellow can take to his German university or research institute. "We are only talking about 500 to 800 euros per month here, but for the universities, the young scientists are already an attractive acquisition. That's how their appreciation increases, "says Frühwald. display

To create a new appreciation for young top scientists in Germany, which sees the main objective of the reform Frühwald: "That's the crucial point. The fact that the US was so popular with researchers for a long time was not so much due to better funding, but to the generally research-friendly climate. We want to do that too. "

(The time, 30.08.2007 - NPO)