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Autonomous weapons systems when computers decide about life and death

Robot on the battlefield - is this the war of the future? Dusanpetkovic / iStock
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Autonomous weapons systems are considered the weapons of the future als and a potential deadly threat. Because these artificial intelligence-led robots and weapons of war could in the future fully combat combat missions and kill terrorists, opposing soldiers, and other human targets. But what would be the consequences - and where are the risks of these technologies?

Weapon systems controlled by adaptive computer algorithms are not futuristic - they already exist. So far, however, with most of these "killer robots" still a man gives the fire command. But that could change soon, the technical capabilities have some AI systems already. But that's a big worry for many AI researchers and human rights organizations.

How controllable are wars and attacks? And what would be the consequences of the use of such autonomous weapons for civilians and other bystanders, but also for the soldiers on the battlefield?

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Nadja Podbregar
As of: 16.11.2018