Climate protection: environmental associations and BILD in a boat

Good action for the initiative "Save our earth"

Start of the initiative "Save our Earth, I join in!" © WWF
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Who would have thought that: For environmental protection, the environmental organizations BUND, Greenpeace and WWF are now entering into a cooperation with BILD. Under the motto "Save our earth", the aim is to inform policy and the public about the consequences of climate change as well as possible solutions - and, above all, to call for action.

"Our earth is in danger. We have only limited time to save them, "said Brigitte Behrens, CEO of Greenpeace Germany. "Only together can we get the most precious thing we have. That is why we very consciously enter into this extraordinary cooperation of four strong partners. "

To start the campaign "Save our earth. I'll go with it! "Initially be distributed throughout Germany through the BILD distributors 2.5 million stickers that carry the slogan of the climate protection campaign. "BILD reaches almost twelve million people every day in Germany. As a media partner, we want to put this huge potential at the service of this important action for our environment, "says Florian von Heintze, BILD editor-in-chief.

How quickly and with what dramatic effects for all people the earth warms itself by greenhouse gases has been made clear by the reports of the United Nations Climate Council (IPCC). The lion's share of global CO2 emissions is the responsibility of Western industrialized nations. Therefore, they must also take effective measures against the temperature rise. "The industrialized countries have a special responsibility as the cause of climate change with sometimes catastrophic consequences to solve this problem as quickly as possible and to be a role model. But every single person can contribute quickly and easily to climate protection, "says Eberhard Brandes, WWF Managing Director.

The cooperation partners want to show the BILD readers and the supporters of the environmental organizations that every German can save CO2 and thereby make a personal contribution to climate protection. With the help of a nationwide participation campaign in BILD, 3.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) are to be saved by the end of the year, the same as the annual output of a small lignite-fired power plant. The cooperation partners also want to further reduce their energy consumption in order to support this goal. display

Dr. Gerhard Timm, BUND Managing Director: "With this ambitious goal we underline the will to contribute concretely to climate protection. Politicians are also required to commit to ambitious goals in order to act appropriately. "

(WWF, 18.04.2007 - NPO)