Who terrorizes whom?

Illegal protest against environmental destruction - co-terrorism? Roy Milburn (left) // Australian Customs and Border Protection Services (CC BY-SA 3.0 AU) (right)
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Arson, sabotage, piracy Environmentalists sometimes resort to radical methods. Many clearly go beyond the limits of what is allowed - police authorities speak of eco-terrorism. The activists, on the other hand, feel wronged - true terrorism is done to nature in their eyes.

In the conflict between economic interests and conservation, the representatives of both sides often resort to harsh methods. Lumberjacks do not shy away from murder during robbery, authorities crack down on militant animal rights activists, whalers ruthlessly hunt in protected areas - each of the parties involved is attacked by at least one other position, none of the groups surrenders without a fight. What means are still justified when these opinions clash?

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Ansgar Kretschmer
As of: 31.10.2014