Light shine becomes expensive

Christmas lighting will cost around 130 million euros this year

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Christmas time is also light time. But the countless bulbs and electric candles are real smokers: a study has shown that the power consumption for Christmas lights has increased in recent years by more than 20 percent. This year, the fun could cost households around 130 million euros, experts estimate. One way to save money is among others LED string lights.

At the sight of the numerous festively illuminated houses, balconies and front gardens in the Advent and Christmas season not only children get bright eyes. In particular, the electricity providers are happy again every year about the beautiful mess, because the Christmas lights is a real Stromschlucker. According to calculations by the Institute for Energy Services, electricity consumption for fairy lights and Co. was still 409 million kilowatt hours in 2005, so private demand in Germany climbed to around 500 million kilowatt hours by 2011.

"Given the current electricity price of 26 cents per kilowatt hour, the bright lights at Christmas time for many consumers should certainly not be a cheap treat, " said Daniel Dodt of the independent consumer portal "With a similar electricity consumption as in the past Advent and Christmas time, private households this time around 130 million euros have to pay for festive lighting." For comparison, seven years ago, when the demand was even lower and the federal electricity price at about 18, 7 cents, consumers "lit up" only € 76.5 million.

LEDs help save

"When it comes to Christmas lighting, there are many ways for private households in particular to limit the additional power consumption, " Dodt points out. "Anyone who does not want to rely solely on candlelight in response to ever new record prices, for example, offers modern LED technology a power-saving and long-lasting alternative." Thus, the energy consumption of LED light chains and lights compared to conventional lighting elements up to Reduce 90 percent.

Not infrequently, a normal light tube with a length of ten meters comes to a power of 100 to 150 watts. For the period from the 1st of Advent to the 6th of January, a total usage of 43 to 65 kilowatt hours results in a useful life of twelve hours a day. For this, electricity costs of 11.20 to 16.85 euros are due - a proud price for the operation of a single lighting element. In modern LED light tubes, however, the need is often under 20 watts or less than 2.25 euros during the entire Advent and Christmas. In addition, LEDs with a burning time of 15, 000 to 20, 000 hours are significantly more durable, so that the slightly higher purchase price can be compensated relatively quickly. display

For years, the Herrnhut Stars have also become increasingly popular, which, in addition to churches and public places, also illuminate more and more apartments. Favorable star gloss is possible in this case with energy saving lamps. For example, if you use an energy-saving lamp with six watts instead of a 40-watt bulb, you can cut your electricity bill by another four euros.

(Toptarif, 07.12.2012 - NPO)