Machine brain with weaknesses

Are artificial intelligences really unbiased and objective?

Artificial intelligences are considered rational, objective and unbiased - but is that true? © monsitj / iStock
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Whether as a bot, an autonomous car or a decision-maker in business and science: artificial intelligences are penetrating more and more areas of our lives and our society. The machine brains are considered logical, unemotional and impartial - but they really decide unbiased?

Learning algorithms have enormous potential and play their strengths wherever it is important to recognize patterns in large amounts of data and make decisions based on them. But in the future, AI systems could also be used in areas where our well-being and even our lives are directly affected - from medicine, through the awarding of jobs or credits, to justice.

How objectively and morally correct does an artificial intelligence decide? Can we really leave the machine brains to account for such potentially consequential decisions?

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- Nadja Podbregar