Ocean film awarded

"Intermedia-Globe-Silver Award 2007" goes to IFM-GEOMAR

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The film "Marine Knowledge from the Deep Sea to the Atmosphere" about the Leibniz Institute for Marine Sciences (IFM-GEOMAR) has won the International Competition "World Media Festival" Won "Intermedia-Globe-Silver Award 2007". The award is considered one of the highest awards for modern audiovisual communication.


With a selection of exciting and up-to-date topics, the wide range of marine research in Kiel is conveyed through film recordings, interviews and 3-D animations. The viewer dives into the mysterious world of the ocean and at the same time is informed about the important questions of the marine sciences in view of the future.

"Sea knowledge from the deep sea to the atmosphere" draws a cinematic portrait of the IFM-GEOMAR and at the same time tries to present the complex topic and the significance of marine research in a generally understandable way. Important global environmental changes and their possible consequences, such as global warming and the increasing acidification of the oceans, are in the foreground.

By presenting current research on these topics, the film attempts to make the audience aware that the IFM-GEOMAR team is addressing these pressing issues. The opportunities and risks that the ocean presents to us are also portrayed. The spectrum ranges from the research of raw materials, to the search for a careful use of marine resources, to the isolation of active substances from the sea for use in medicine. display

The bilingual film (German and English) not only focuses on science, but also tries to transport people and their passion for their work. "I am very pleased about the award, " said Mona Botros of IFM-GEOMAR, "it confirms that with our design we can convey the exciting questions of marine research to many people."

Assessment criteria used to select winners include text, editing, visualization, music, sound, graphics, and creativity. Above all, the international jury should judge whether the film successfully implements its own goals and reaches the declared target group. More than 300 organizations and companies from around the world submitted submissions this year.

The award will be presented for the seventh time in Hamburg on May 9, 2007 and is internationally recognized as an award for excellence in the production of communication films. "Sea knowledge from the deep sea to the atmosphere" received an award in the category "Public Relations - Science and Research". The film is available as a bilingual DVD in the press office of the IFM-GEOMAR.

(IFM-GEOMAR, 09.05.2007 - AHE)