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The federal and state governments agree on a pact for research and innovation

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The federal and state governments want to raise the budgets of the major research and science organizations by 2010 by three percent each year. To this end, they adopted a "Pact for Research and Innovation" at the meeting of the Bund-Länder Commission on 15 November 2004 in Berlin. The pact is part of the Agenda 2010 and the Innovation Initiative of the Federal Government and is intended to give the institutes financial planning security.

"German research gets tailwind for better opportunities in international competition, " said Federal Research Minister Edelgard Bulmahn. Bulmahn was pleased that the countries were able to agree on their proposal from the beginning of the year.

Increase quality of research

"The pact will ensure that not only does more money go to research organizations, but that in return the organizations commit themselves to improving the quality of their research, " says Bulmahn. This includes, in particular, the promotion of excellence in research, the promotion of young talent and women, the enhancement of competition within organizations and the intensification of cooperation with other non-university research institutions and university research, including business.

According to the current plans, the research organizations MPG, FhG, HGF and WGL will receive joint grants from the federal and state governments totaling around 3.8 billion euros in 2005. The German Research Foundation receives around 1.3 billion euros, above all for the promotion of universities.

Unity even at top universities

In addition, Bulmahn also welcomed the fundamental agreement between the federal and state governments for the competition for top universities, the promotion of networks of excellence and graduate schools. "We need this competition in order to advance the German universities at the top and at the international level, " the minister said. She was confident that the prime ministers would make a positive decision in December this year. Then could start with the competition from the federal government and the Länder after the next BLK meeting in January. display

Bulmahn emphasized that the federal government has budgeted both the funds for the competition and the research pact. "The Federal Government sets clear priorities in education and research and, with the Pact for Research and Innovation and the competition together with the countries, wants to send a clear signal for innovation and a new departure in our country, " Federal Minister Bulmahn concluded.

(BMBF, 16.11.2004 - DLO)