Milk ingredient protects against overweight

In higher doses the substance increases the fat burning and strengthens the endurance

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A natural ingredient of the milk boosts the metabolism and protects against obesity. This has been determined by an international team of researchers in experiments with mice. The mice received the substance derived from the milk nicotinamide riboside with their feeding, they did not increase despite high-fat diet. They were also more durable in the wheel than their non-fed with this additive conspecifics. The blood sugar level and insulin balance of the mice also stabilized. The positive effect of this substance, however, only manifests itself in higher doses than that naturally contained in the milk. As a dietary supplement, however, nicotinamide riboside could definitely help to improve metabolic diseases in future, the scientists report in the journal "Cell Metabolism".

One of the great advantages of the milk ingredient is, according to the researchers, its good tolerance. The similar, but weaker niacin, which is used in some drugs for increased blood lipid levels, can cause strong redness and hot flashes. This is not the case with nicotinamide riboside. Even a high dose of the substance proved harmless to the mice.

Whether the nicotinamide riboside has a similar effect on humans as it does on mice, but still have to show appropriate studies, as emphasized by the researchers. Nonetheless, Cornell University in the US has already licensed licensing of nicotinamide riboside to a pharmaceutical company last year.

The nicotinamide riboside in milk was first discovered in 2004. Due to its chemical structure, it was already suspected at the time that this substance could influence processes in the body that regulate the metabolism. That this is indeed the case and to what extent this is the case, the researchers have now in their study.

Positive effect also on insulin metabolism

The experiments with the mice showed that the milk ingredient not only prevents obesity, but could also help with diabetes: In the rodents who received daily nicotinamide riboside for several weeks, the sugar metabolism had significantly improved, the researchers say. They needed less insulin to keep their blood sugar stable. "This suggests that nicotinamide riboside has again increased the insulin sensitivity of tissues, " explain Carles Cantó of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and his colleagues. display

Based on their findings, the researchers even refer to this milk ingredient as a vitamin - an indispensable component of our diet. "The nicotinamide riboside is contained in what we all have taken from the first day of our life as food - the milk, " says study leader Johan Auwerx of the cole Polytechnique F d rale. It is thus a natural substance for us and probably contributes to regulate our metabolism with many other food substances.

No effect on normal weight mice

For their study, researchers in a group of mice administered equivalent daily 400 milligrams per kilogram body weight of the substance with the feed over several weeks. One part of the mouse was given normal food, another particularly rich in fat. "Nicotinamide riboside had no effect on the body weight of the normally fed mice, " Cant and his colleagues report. On the other hand, the mice fed high-fat lipids showed markedly less increase with nicotinamide riboside than mice from a control group who had not received this food supplement.

However, the ingredient did not work as an appetite suppressant: the mice even ate more than those who did not have nicotinamide riboside in their diet. Nevertheless, they were slimmer, their blood lipid levels dropped and their oxygen consumption increased - a sign of an increased metabolism, as the researchers explain. (Doi: 10.1016 / j.cmet.2012.04.022)

(Cell Metabolism, 06.06.2012 - NPO)