With high tech against car noise

Researchers seek optimization between tires and the road

Buses BMU / H.-G. Oed
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British researchers are looking for ways to make car traffic quieter. Using a mathematical model, a high-tech tire is to be developed that rolls quietly on a perfect road surface.

Car engines have become increasingly quieter in recent decades. The noise is no longer caused primarily by the engine noise, but by the wheels and the road surface. From a speed of 30 km / h, vibrations cause the propagation of sound waves. Researcher Roger Pinnington of the Southampton Institute of Sound and Vibration Research has just neglected the term "tire". "Noise is often taken for granted in cities and metropolises, " explains the expert, who is convinced that the development of new car tires can certainly reduce the noise level.

The reason for the research project RATIN (Road and Tire Interaction Noise), which is carried out together with the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, are the EU directives, which will affect every vehicle manufacturer from 2007 onwards. Because then exact noise measurements of all vehicle and tire types will be required. So far, only the pure engine noise is measured, but not the noise that emanates from the tires. The fact that smooth roadways reduce noise is clear to the experts. However, the problem is the phenomenon of the air, which is compressed in the tire profile and makes for loud hissing noises. Also, the grip on slippery roads and rain is worse, which in turn reduces safety. "The best results are achieved on road surfaces that are both smooth and porous, " says Pinnington.

(Press Release Austria, 15.01.2004 - dlo)