Moonbase Alpha

New plans for a colonization of the moon

How could the first moon base look like? This is how the European Space Agency ESA introduces itself to this station. ESA / Foster + Partners
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For decades, no one was on the moon, but that could change soon. For several space agencies announce manned moon missions - and this time the astronauts stay. The goal is to establish stations in lunar orbit and then on the lunar surface. But how could these lunar bases look like? And where do they take their raw materials from?

50 years ago, Apollo 11 brought the first humans to the moon - a historic step for space travel. Now, with the colonization of the moon could follow the second step. Because coveted commodities such as helium-3 and rare metals, but also the importance of the Earth-satellite as a stopover to Mars and beyond make a return to the moon attractive today.

Thus, the race to the moon is experiencing a renaissance. The driving force this time is less political motives than tangible economic and strategic interests. Both the large space nations and private companies are working on concepts and technologies for future stations in the lunar orbit and on the lunar surface.

The long existing only in the science fiction "moon base alpha" is thus taking on ever clearer forms - and could become reality in the next 20 to 30 years.

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- Nadja Podbregar