Music is good for the heart

Regular music listening measurably improves the function of cardiac patients

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Music relaxes and can help patients to better survive their situation. But now it shows: music also has measurable positive effects on health. In patients with coronary heart disease, regular functioning of the music improved the functioning of the vessels, as measurements of different marker substances in the blood showed. The music style is obviously no matter - the main thing the patient feels as pleasant and relaxing, the researchers say.

The fact that dancing keeps fit and that music can help against fear of flying has been shown in recent studies. Also that music can have a relaxing effect and can also be used as a therapeutic aid is nothing new. At the congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) in Amsterdam, Serbian researchers are now reporting another positive effect of the gentle or even brisk tones. They had examined how daily listening to music affects the vascular health of cardiac patients.

Function of the vessel wall disturbed

In most cardiovascular diseases, the endothelium, the inner wall of vessels, loses its functionality - it becomes less elastic and its physiology also changes, as Marina Deljanin Ilic from the University of Nis in Serbia explains. This is demonstrated by various substances in the blood, including nitrogen oxides (NOx) and xanthine oxidase (XO). Especially for the prevention of infarction, but also in the rehabilitation of patients with coronary heart disease, it is therefore the goal to improve the function of the endothelium as much as possible again.

The role played by music was studied by the researchers in 74 patients with coronary heart disease. The study participants were divided into three groups: One did a medically supervised fitness training, the second carried out the same training program and also listened for 30 minutes each day individually preferred music by the participants. The third group only completed the music program. At the beginning of the study and after three weeks, the researchers analyzed the NOx and XO levels in the patients' blood to detect changes in endothelial function.

Already 30 minutes of music a day help

The result: the music actually had an effect. After three weeks, the vascular function had measurably improved both in the music group and in the group with music and training, as the researchers report. The best results were obtained when regular listening to music was combined with physical training. display

"The fact that listening to pleasurable music improves the endothelial function may have something to do with the release of endorphins and their effect on NO production, " says Ilic. Which music is suitable for this purpose has to do exclusively with personal preferences, it should at least be experienced as pleasant and relaxing.

(German Society of Cardiology - Cardiovascular Research eV, 02.09.2013 - NPO)