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The national park region of Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland is currently being re-measured. Scientists at the TU Dresden have collected extensive data on an eleven-day measurement flight, which is now being processed into a uniform digital terrain model and a digital aerial map. These serve as a basis for hiking maps and improve the already existing floodwater models of the region.

The National Park region of Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland covers almost 800 square kilometers. Since the natural area is intersected by the German-Czech border and managed by a total of three protected areas, there are no uniform topographical maps, digital terrain models or aerial and satellite images to date. However, these could greatly simplify work in landscape planning, tourism, administration or nature conservation.

Good to see is the railway line with the tunnels from Bad Schandau to Sebnitz. The extent of the area is approximately four square kilometers. © TU Dresden

The Institute for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing of the Technische Universität Dresden wants to close this gap by March 2006. The project group "Geoinformation Networks for the cross-border NPR region Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland" is creating a digital terrain model and a digital aerial map for the entire region and has now submitted its first partial results. Although the data collected in March 2005 during an eleven-day measurement flight must be further processed with the help of a geometric fine-tuning, subtleties such as the railway line between Bad Schandau and Sebnitz with two tunnels are already recognizable in the pictures.

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In the procedure used, the so-called Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS), a laser scanner installed on an aircraft scans the earth's surface in strips. An estimated four to six billion laser measurements are used to calculate a soil model, a surface model, and current forest and building mapping. The advantage of the data is that they are collected at once and do not map the state border in the form of "jumps" or map edges. "So far, I know of no comparable cross-border mission, " says Marco Trommler from the Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.

Elbe Sandstone Mountains in Saxon Switzerland GNU FDL (Martin R ll)

Already in a previous project, the scientists had developed a software with which the digital geo data in the Saxon Bohemian Switzerland, which differs due to the different coordinate systems in Germany, the Czech Republic and Europe, can be standardized. In this context, the researchers calculated a digital gel model for the Saxon Switzerland, whose three-dimensional visualization has been exhibited in the National Park House Saxon Switzerland since 2002. display

The now successfully completed eleven-day measurement flight was originally planned for the end of 2004. Due to the persistent bad weather, however, the flight was postponed to February / March 2005. The project, carried out under the EU Community Initiative INTERREG III A, aims to promote cross-border cooperation and regional development. The project is financially supported within the INTERREG IIIA initiative by the European Union and the Free State of Saxony.

(Technical University Dresden - idw, 08.07.2005 - AHE)