New map worlds

A new projection makes man and his influence the basis of cartography

World map based on the new grid transformation: Depending on the population share, grid cells of the grid under a topographic output map were enlarged or reduced. Benjamin Hennig
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A card is worth a thousand words. And a map can make millions of data values ​​in an image understandable at a glance. But not every projection conveys a realistic picture of the connections. The geographer Benjamin Hennig has therefore developed a new variant of the map display that can better illustrate the interrelation between man and the environment than conventional projections.

The new map projection does not use the physical space as a basis for its presentation, but can build on any quantitative spatial information - from the distribution of precipitation to election results or the ecological footprint. This makes it possible to create novel maps with which central questions of humanity and global change but also everyday phenomena can be viewed and understood from a new perspective. Never before have humanity and its diverse environments been shown in this form in maps.

For his development of the new cartographic technique, the German geographer Benjamin Hennig, currently working at the University of Sheffield, recently received the Deutscher Studienpreis 2012 from the Körber Foundation.

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Benjamin Hennig
As of: 23.11.2012