New vision for climate protection

WWF study: Sustainable energy sources suffice for the worldwide hunger for energy

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A vision for the energy supply of the future was presented yesterday by the WWF in Switzerland. In order to secure electricity and heat production and to get a grip on climate change, the WWF focuses on six key areas. Increasing energy efficiency is a key element here.


In addition to technical solutions, such as the development of low-emission technologies, power plants with CO2 capture and storage and the gradual transition from coal to climate-friendly gas power plants, the WWF emphasizes the importance of forests for climate protection.

The world has enough renewable energy sources and sustainable technology available to curb climate change and ensure energy supply. However, the necessary decisions must be made within the next five years in order to achieve the necessary CO2 emission reductions in the next ten years, according to the WWF report "Climate Solutions".

In its third report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has shown that the world could limit its climate-damaging emissions with available technologies and policy instruments. The WWF shows, using which technologies this global goal can be achieved only with sustainable and nature-friendly energy sources. display

Time window of five years

"Worldwide, policymakers and policymakers are faced with the question of reducing the dangerously high levels of CO2 emissions without restricting economic development or reducing living standards, " said James Leape, general director of WWF International. The report shows not only that this is possible, but also what needs to be done. "We only have a small window of five years to change the course. We can not afford to miss the opportunity, "says James Leape.

The question to be answered was whether it was technically feasible to meet growing global energy needs with clean and sustainable energy sources and techniques, thereby protecting the climate. The decision-makers today have the commitment and the opportunity to do something great for the future of our planet.

(WWF, 16.05.2007 - DLO)