Inexpensive heating: Which alternatives exist?

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Heating consumes the most energy in the household and every degree costs money. - Governmentunited / CC BY-SA 3.0
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Every year in winter, tenants and property owners almost inevitably deal with heating costs. With an average of more than 30 percent, they are the largest single item among the monthly additional costs of apartments and houses. Decisive influence on the concrete costs has, which energy carrier is used during the heating.

Heating methods in comparison

Nearly 50 percent of German households are currently heating with natural gas. Other widespread sources of energy are crude oil with a good 26 percent of the 41.5 million households, district heating with just under 14 percent and other energy sources with a good 6 percent. With only just under 3 percent, electricity has largely become obsolete as heating energy.

Fluctuating energy prices, individual heating habits, the energy efficiency of the heating system and the condition of the respective property are the most important factors in determining which heating costs actually arise. For the national average, the following heating costs per square meter and year were stated by the experts:

  • Natural gas beats at 11.60 euros
  • Heating oil comes to 9.50 euros
  • District heating is the most expensive with 13, 30 Euro
  • Wood pellets (9.50 Euro) and firewood (7.10 Euro) are relatively inexpensive

Unfortunately, consumers usually have little influence on the choice of energy source. Even for real estate owners, a possible conversion of the heating method is a complex calculation game to find out after which time the change of the energy source is expected to pay off financially.

Three simple tips to save heating costs display

  • Anyone who heats with natural gas is well advised to check with the help of a gas price calculator such as TopTarif which gas supplier supplies its own address the cheapest.
  • Intelligent heating is the key: Make sure that you find the right temperature and air regularly.
  • Tenants should seek the constructive conversation with the landlord, for example, by saving the energy provider or renovation measures to save heating costs.
    • Which heating method is the best?

      Heating methods have their advantages and disadvantages regardless of price. For fuel oil, as for wood heating, regular care must be taken to ensure that the energy source is replenished. Natural gas and electricity, however, do not need such effort. Modern heating methods such as heat pumps or solar systems are considered to be particularly environmentally friendly.

      How energy prices will develop and which type of heating will be financially rewarded by lawmakers in the future is seriously unpredictable. In addition, there are usually not all different heating options available at specific locations. The question of the best heating method can therefore only be answered individually. It is much easier to reduce costs directly with tools such as comparison portals and conscious heating.

      (This article was written in collaboration with the external author Andrea Perlit., 24.01.2018 -)