salt lakes

Bizarre landscapes and extreme habitats

Salt lakes of Tasitolu Kok Leng, Maurice Yeo / CC by sa 2.0
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They are called Mono Lake, Dead Sea or Lake Natron and have at least one thing in common: although they are all inland waters, their waters are so salty that even the oceans are like a freshwater oasis against them.

But how do such salt lakes develop? How are they different? Are they really as hostile enclaves as they seem at first sight? Or has nature managed to adapt itself to these inhospitable conditions?

Scientists have long since taken stock of many salt lakes and have come across numerous unusual phenomena: microbes that are unlikely to exist, ice-free "ponds" in the Antarctic, and limestone towers that grow underwater.

Join us on a voyage of discovery into the bizarre landscapes and exotic habitats of the salt lakes ...

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Dieter Lohmann
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