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Run on the bottom of the northern polar region

Under the Arctic Ocean, there are deposits of oil and natural gas, and on the Arctic mainland there are minerals - the Arctic arouses desires. Here is a view of the coast of Gr nland. NASA / John Sunday
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For some, the shrinking ice of the Arctic is cause for concern, but for others it opens up new opportunities - and arouses desires. In the far north, access to rich mineral resources is now free: oil, gas and minerals. The Arctic neighbors have long been fighting for territories and mining rights.

It sounds like an Eldorado: vast amounts of oil, natural gas and precious minerals are stored in the Arctic - mostly deep under the waters of the Arctic Ocean. With scarce resources and growing demands, this sounds like an invitation to unrestrained exploitation. But it's not that easy. There are clear rules as to who in the Arctic can get to the mineral resources. In addition: The conditions are anything but cheap.

Will there still be a run on Arctic resources? Or is the north polar area still spared?

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Nadja Podbregar
As of: 18.11.2016