"Sleep Monitor" should facilitate getting up

Sleeptracker wakes only in light sleep phases

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Finally wake up refreshed: A watch that is worn on the wrist, in addition to the time of day also measures the sleep behavior of the owner and should thus help to find the optimal wake-up appointment.

Do you sometimes wake up the alarm clock in the morning and you still feel dead tired, dizzy or like a wheelchair? Then maybe it's just because you were awakened at an inopportune time - right out of a deep sleep phase. Man is then often impotent and discontented. To prevent this, the American Lee Loree developed a method to set the timing of waking up more accurate and above all more compatible: The straight from the US Time Magazine to one of the best inventions of the year 2005 awarded Sleeptracker.

Unlike traditional alarm clocks, the Sleeptracker does not set a fixed alarm time, but rather defines a time window for waking up, for example 30 minutes. As soon as the sleeptracker detects a phase of light sleep on the movements of the body within the predefined time window, the alarm clock starts to beep. The advantage: People are awakened at a favorable time to start their day full of energy.

Every person goes through several phases of sleep during the night: light, increasingly deeper, very deep sleep phases and dream phases (REM phases). Sleep researchers have found that when a person is awakened in a deep sleep phase, he often gets up to speed later in the day. By contrast, every person is almost awake between the REM phases and light sleep phases. This phase is the ideal time to be awakened.

In the light sleep phases, body substances such as opiate peptides are only minimally released. However, substances such as cortisol and TSH are increased in the awake state. These substances in turn use a number of neurotransmitters, such as acetylcholine and adrenaline, which have an activating effect and make you fit for the day. display

It is therefore ideal to use the Sleeptracker for people who lead a hectic or strenuous life and still need a lot of strength and energy every day, says the Sleeptrackererfinder. For example, business people or travelers who travel in different time zones and also mothers.

(Sleeptracker, 09.01.2006 - NPO)