Narcissistic self-optimization or healthy help?

Self-tracking via sensor wristband or mobile phone are trendy Dolgachov / thinkstock
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Whether it's a fitness app, tracker bracelet or step counter, self-tracking seems to turn modern life into a single data stream. But what consequences do these technical gadgets have for self-optimization? How are they used and why? Researchers at the Goethe University Frankfurt have examined this more closely using the example of athletes.

Especially recreational athletes, but also sports students, are considered pioneers of self-optimization. Because for a long time it has been normal for her to monitor her body and her performance. The self-trackers make this even more complete and easier. Do athletes push this trend to the extreme? Even the first studies of the Frankfurt researchers show that doubts are appropriate. The use of fitness gadgets is obviously more complex and differentiated than some critics want to admit.

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Stefanie Duttweiler and Robert Gugutzer / Research Frankfurt
As of: 14.08.2015