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More and more players are looking for the thrill of casino gaming on the Internet. As a result, the number of offers in recent years also grew significantly. However, some well-known companies have also pushed black sheep onto the market, which are above all looking after the customers' money. With these tricks you have the opportunity to directly expose the fraudsters and to discover a reputable casino site for themselves.

A first assessment

In fact, the site of a vendor already reveals a lot about its seriousness. First of all, it is important to take a close look at the website in its entirety. If there are significant errors in the texts to recognize the effect of the page as a whole hastily constructed and does not convince with a clear presentation This suggests that it was quickly launched from the baptism to tap the deposits of unsuspecting customers. The deposit options are usually listed as well and allow a conclusion on the seriousness. If reputable options such as PayPal or the Sofortüberweisung are available, which offer a buyer protection, this throws a good light on the offerer. A prominent example of this is Lapalingo Casino, which offers such payment methods, which is clearly visible at

The license of the casino

If you now scroll to the bottom of the page, there are also some features that speak for a high seriousness. This starts with the license that a reputable online casino must have. You should not turn away directly, if this is not from Germany. In this country, there is finally a controversial gambling monopoly, which does not currently lend any legitimate companies any licenses. They are thus forced to move to other countries that are members of the EU. If the regulation is thus implemented via Malta or Curacao, it nevertheless adheres to the necessary guidelines. As a result, legal use throughout the EU is possible without further problems.

The seals in view

Also worth a look are the seals that an online casino presents on its website. These represent, among other things, whether the random number generators have been examined by an external company and whether a TÜV badge exists. If this is the case, then the players can assume that the payout quotas specified in the slots are also permanently adhered to. In addition, secure online casinos receive further seals if they campaign for the prevention of gambling addiction. This succeeds, for example, by regularly alerting players to the duration they are already in the game. Often the voluntary and temporary blocking or limitation of the account by the customers is possible, which speaks for the security. display


In the end, it does not take any special expertise to estimate the security of an online casino relatively accurately. A look at the entirety of the page and the available payment options usually provides a first reliable picture. It is also possible to look more closely at the seals and licenses listed at the bottom of the page. All in all, making an informed decision should not be a problem.

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