Sunny prospects with organic solar cells?

More effectiveness for the flexible "solar collectors"

Highly flexible and thin: organic solar cell Fraunhofer ISE Freiburg
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When converting sunlight into electrical energy, solar cells play a key role. Novel concepts based on organic semiconductors offer many advantages over their silicon-based inorganic relatives, which are widespread on rooftops and in pocket calculators. But their efficiency is still too low for large-scale use. A nationwide research program wants to change this.

Since 2007, scientists from almost 40 institutes have worked to overcome the remaining hurdles beyond the boundaries of individual disciplines. Their goal is to develop effective and long-lasting solar cells based on organic semiconductors. If we succeed in cracking the problem of efficiency, the way would be open for completely new and exciting applications of paper-thin, flexible solar foils.

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Prof. Dr. Karl Leo, dr. Annette Polte, dr. Moritz Riede / IAPP TU Dresden / a href = "" target = "_ blank"> DFG Research Special - Energi
As of 10.09.2010