Rising Popularity of Virtual Reality Technologies - Opportunity or Problem?

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is on the rise. pixabay.com, Pexles
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We saw it in the cinema, but never thought it would be possible. A decade ago, virtual reality was a myth and futuristic and science-fiction films contained them as part of their utopian and desirable future. Today, virtual reality has become real and we could not be more excited to see it develop. While the devices we have today are very limited, the potential is huge.

The application spectrum for VR is almost limitless, but today it is mainly used for entertainment, with most of the future applications are mostly entertainment oriented. While our technology has been removing our reality for some time now, the VR poses a very real danger of completely disengaging many people from their real lives and transforming them into socially awkward and inadequate individuals.

Is VR dangerous?

There are some very real threats that come from the development of virtual reality. While entertainment technology could bring huge improvements, it could also cause many people to live in virtual reality. If we look at the way social media has captured millions of young people in recent years, it is very realistic to fear future developments in the VR.

The risks of virtual reality could be solved in many ways. For example, China has so far limited a number of hours a day in which a single computer or IP can be logged into some popular online games that similarly threaten youth and simply take too much time away.

Since it has not yet been regulated, it is very likely that virtual reality will soon become a major problem for the people of Western Europe and the US, whose population has already demonstrated their willingness to encounter technological dependencies. display

Virtual reality while playing and porn

The adult industry has also seen the potential in virtual reality and we already see the expansion of the adult film and gambling industry into the virtual reality arena. While virtual reality pornos have existed for some years and try to simulate the presence of the actresses in real life, the gambling industry has recently also spurred on the new technology. One of the online casinos in Germany has already announced plans to introduce VR slots into their range in the near future.

It remains to be seen whether all of this is healthy and what problems it might cause, but it is clear that every part of the entertainment industry will soon try to apply Virtual Reality devices to their products. Over time, we can expect more success from such attempts. The future is both exciting and frightening, as it can provide unlimited fun but also great addictive potential.

(The article was written in collaboration with the external author Daniel Theiss., 07.11.2017 -)